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 Amy Jackson

Amy JakcsonAmy is an executive coach who nurtures young professionals to their full potential


Abundance Clinic

Assisting you with Resolution, Solution and Aspiration

Personal and Business resolutions and solutions.
Resolving blocks to success.
If you can change your mind you can change your life.

The planet is abundant. You can live abundantly. So what is stopping you?

Corporate Engagement

Corporate Engagement is a modern training company passionate about engaging people with their businesses through training and development. The name Corporate Engagement was chosen because it best describes the “staff engagement” factor which differentiates us from other businesses.

Our vision is “to help managers use every training course as a team engagement opportunity”. To achieve this vision we have broken away from traditional one hit wonder training and moved to shorter, high impact half day workshops.

We offer your staff a chance to learn in an environment focused on solutions and applying best business best practices. We encourage your staff to look at current business issues and opportunities to use new skills.

Daily Bliss

Gaye Kuelsen is the Founder and Lead Coach at Daily Bliss, and a specialist in women’s personal development. Knowing firsthand the demands on women today and the multiple roles they must play, Gaye empowers her clients to live the life they want by building their confidence, boosting their energy levels, handling their stress and managing their priorities so they can ‘be, do and have it all’.

Daily Bliss empowers women who are overstressed, overworked, overwhelmed and out of balance to take back control and live the life they want.

When it comes to the issues women face you want to make sure you are going to someone who understands how it feels and what can be done. Gaye not only has the skills, tools and knowledge she totally understands the issues facing women today and can objectively see and put together a plan for each individual’s needs. Whether it’s about time management, how to relax, reduce anxiety, raise your energy levels that allows you to cope with the daily demands, Gaye can help.

Special Offer:  Gaye is offering a no obligation, 30 minute call to get you on your way to creating your own Daily Bliss.

Des Allen Pty Ltd

Coaching, training, fatigue countermeasures, leadership, Corporate culture.

Making Connections

Making connections briarAbout 10 years ago we decided to open a clinic called Making Connections, providing Life Coaching, Counseling for Individuals and Couples (Healing Relationships), and other therapies.  Our clinic has since expanded it’s services to include Family Constellations work and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Our vision was to provide these services in a private and serene setting.   We are a small clinic with two practitioners working in Carindale, a South Eastern suburb of Brisbane.  We are close to the Bayside suburbs.  Most people come from all over Brisbane, yet some come from as far as the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast.

Making connections1For the 100’s who have Quit smoking through our hypnotherapy services 96% have Quit and 83% have Quit after just one session.
Making connections luigi

…We help people broaden their choices to get more out of life.

Open Minds

Working with people to enhance mental health & wellbeing

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